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Usage At this point the bot contains three strategies:

1.5.1 * Relative Orders, which places a buy order below, and sell order above the supposed centre price. It is suitable for established and active markets with enough participants. EXtreme caution is advised in inactive and low-participance markets; the Relative Orders feature is very likely to make losses in these conditions.


1.5.2 Staggered Orders, which is for all markets, and especially suitable for bootstrapping markets. It makes profit from volatility, and will make you lose all your money if you use it on a worthless asset. Staggered Orders should be for long-term-use on markets that the user determines to have long term value.


1.5.3 King of The Hill. KOTH is for all markets, and simply places orders such that they are always the first in the orderbook queue. KOTH is for users who want to buy or sell an asset fairly quickly but don’t want to pay the extra cost of the spread.