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Welcome to the DEXBot wiki!

How to install DEXBot for Linux: https://github.com/Codaone/DEXBot/wiki/Setup-Guide-for-Ubuntu-Linux

How to install DEXBot for Windows: https://github.com/Codaone/DEXBot/wiki/Setup-Guide-for-Windows

How to install DEXBot for MacOS: https://github.com/Codaone/DEXBot/wiki/Setup-Guide-for-Mac-OS-X-10.12-or-higher

1.02 DEXBot Market Making User Guide: https://medium.com/@CryptoKong123/market-making-dexbot-user-guide-ae7b5808b3b6

1.03 What is DEXBot? DEXBot is an open source Market Making Bot that places trades on the BitShares Decentralised Exchange (DEX).




1.1 DEXBot is a Market Making Bot funded by a BitShares Worker Proposal. The purpose of the bot is to allow anyone to easily provide liquidity in any market on the BitShares Decentralized Exchange, the DEX. The software will be iteratively improved as easy to use as possible. There will be conservative and sane defaults for anyone to easily get started. Rather than simply holding, users can put their assets to work – adding value to the DEX – and hopefully doing so profitably. Of course no profit can be promised.

1.2 The goal of the project is to increase liquidity on the DEX and also increase the appeal of BitShares by providing more use-cases to the common cryptocurrency holder.

1.3 Since the bot is funded by the community as a whole the included strategies should increase the value of the whole. Thus, the bot will only include strategies that provide liquidity. Active trading strategies can decrease short term liquidity, adding value to the bot-operator but not the whole, and should be provided by other bots.

1.4 The bot does not have to be running continuously. The placed orders will remain on the books, and once online again the bot will update orders according to strategy. This is intentional, so that any user can make use of the bot on their own laptop. Some DEXBot modes/strategies are better suited to running the bot intermittently.